CrocoBlock Documentation

JetThemeCore Plugin

JetThemeCore is a powerful plugin which is aimed at making it more easy to create the templates of theme parts.

It allows creating headers and footers using pre-made ones or building them from scratch using Elementor and Jet widgets.

The plugin is also needed when one has to assign the particular headers and footers to the specific pages or page templates.

It makes the process of creating page templates smooth and quick for everyone regardless of one’s experience level.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetThemeCore plugin here.

JetBlocks Plugin

JetBlocks is a perfect tool providing an opportunity to create specific content perfectly fit for website's headers and footers.

The plugin makes it extra easy to add authorization links, hamburger panels, login forms, add and customize site logo, nav menu, registration forms, search forms and WooCommerce cart using the convenient widgets made specifically for Elementor.

The plugin allows to enjoy the stunning results in minutes, possesses multiple customization content and style settings.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetBlocks plugin here.

Widgets Overview

  • Auth Links - the widget allows adding the authorization links to the sections created with Elementor.
  • Hamburger Panel - this widget allows adding a neat hamburger panel to the pages built with Elementor in order to make access to the needed template more easy for your visitors.
  • Login Form - this widget allows to add and customize a login form to the pages built with Elementor.
  • Site Logo - widget allows adding textual and image logo to the headers and footers created for the site pages.
  • Nav Menu - this widget makes it easy to create a menu and place it in the website's header or footer built with Elementor.
  • Registration Form - this widget allows adding stylish registration forms with multiple fields to the headers, footers and webpages built with Elementor.
  • Search - add the search forms to the website's headers and footers whenever it is needed and style them up using multiple style settings.
  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart - add the shopping cart to website's header or footer and customize its appearance in about few clicks.

JetElements Plugin

JetElements is a plugin that adds extensive widgets for Elementor live page builder, allowing to build different kinds of content with easiness and efficiency.

With JetElements You can add various custom blocks to your website’s page layout, containing additional widgets, which are not included in the standard Elementor page builder elements bundle.

Use JetElements to extend Your content with 40+ diverse widgets, devised especially to add timers, pricing tables and advanced sliders to Your website’s pages.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetElements plugin here.
Widgets Overview

  • Advanced Carousel widget displays slides in an attractive way. You can display from 1 to 10 slides at one time using Advanced Carousel widget, set versatile animation options, create vivid backgrounds, enrich slides content with clear typography. With Advanced Carousel you can create as many slides as you need to.
  • Advanced Map widget is the perfect solution if you need to display a map on your website, and add pins to it to locate the places. You can add multiple pins, change map style, enable switching from satellite to map view. The widget is easily customizable and has friendly user interface.
  • Animated Box widget creates an attractive info block on the website’s page, which consists of two sides, that switch from one to other. You can add icons, buttons, titles and content to the animated box. Every element is easily customizable.
  • Animated Text widget was specially devised to deliver your ideas in the form of attractively animated text. With the help of ths widget you can add animated words and phrases to your website’s pages, customize them, and add plain text to complement animated text.
  • Banner widget allows you to add custom banners to your website’s content. The widget has multiple style settings, that include animation settings. It provides you with the means to customize banner background, title and content.
  • Brands widget helps you to showcase brands and companies on your website’s page. You can add brands, visualize them using brand logos, apply links to them, and customize them in the matter of several clicks.
  • Button widget will assist you in creating buttons with your custom text and links, eye-catching icons and versatile hover effects! With this widget you can easily add a button whenever you need it and style it up according to your vision!
  • Circle Progress widget allows you to display progress in the attractive form of circle progress bar. The widget has versatile style settings, such as content style, value type, etc.
  • Countdown Timer widget is a helpful tool if you need to embed a timer with a countdown to your website’s page. The widget has multiple settings, such as digits color, font settings, and custom background for the timer.
  • Download Button widget will assist You in creating versatile buttons that will allow the visitors downloading files in one click! You won't need to install additional plugins to add this kind of functionality to the website! All You need is to use Download Button widget and have the file stored in the Media Library!
  • Headline widget is the perfect tool for creating stunningly beautiful headlines in order to decorate the website’s pages with attractive textual titles. Its content is fully flexible, as well as its multiple style settings, devised to assist you in creating really beautiful headings within minutes!
  • Image Comparison widget is the perfect tool that will assist you in creating slides with image comparisons in an attractive and stylish way. From now on you wield the power to showcase the results of your work in an engaging Before and After form!
  • Instagram widget mpowers you to showcase Instagram publications on yuor website's pages in an attractive way, with text captions, meta information (the number of likes and comments). You'll be able to style up this widget according to your vision in order to make it the truly outstanding part of your website!
  • Images Layout widget displays images using different eye-catching layout types, such as Masonry, Justify or List. Add images and customize layouts in several clicks to get the stunning results and adorn Your website pages with beautiful imagery!
  • Posts widget is a multipurpose tool, that can create attractive post grid layouts, sort posts by categories, IDs or the date of publishing. This widget is also helpful when creating post sliders and post carousels.
  • Pricing Table widget is helpful beyond measures when you need to showcase the prices and services your company provides in an attractive and clear way. The widget has multiple options, versatile customization settings, and is easy to use.
  • Scroll Navigation widget has multiple style and content settings, allowing to set icons, use labels, define the elements position, background type, and there is so much more for you to customize to make the widget look its best!
  • Services widget is devised to add attractive services blocks to your website pages in a smooth and easy way! Use it to showcase the services provided by your company. With Services widget you can manage the service title, description, and there are still lots of style settings you can manage.
  • Slider widget is invaluable if You need to liven up Your website page with a bright and attractive slider! This widget is easily customizable, has multiple navigation options. It provides profound content and style settings, which make working on slider as simple as it can be!
  • Team Member widget is the perfect solution when it comes to displaying your team members, and if you need to introduce your team to your website visitors. There are multiple content and style settings, that can be changed at will!
  • Testimonials widget is useful beyond compare when it comes to adding your clients’ positive feedbacks to your site. Feel free to style up the testimonials and add the beautiful testimonials carousel right to your web page in several clicks!
  • WooCommerce Recent Products widget helps you to showcase the products on your website’s page and sort them using custom order.
  • WooCommerce Featured Products widget helps you to display featured products in an attractive way on your website’s page, and sort them using custom order.
  • WooCommerce Sale Products widget helps you to display sale products on your website’s page, and sort them using custom order.
  • WooCommerce Best Sellers widget is extremely helpful if you need to show the most sold products on your website’s page, and arrange them in columns.
  • WooCommerce Top Rated Products widget can be used if you want to showcase the products that have the highest rating according to the customers reviews. With this widget you can set the number of products to show per page and the number of columns in which the products will be organized.
  • WooCommerce Product widget can help you to display custom products on your website page in a classy way.
  • Contact Form 7 widget helps you to display your existing contact forms. You have to create a contact form using Contact Form 7 plugin before placing it to your website’s page.
  • Subscribe Form widget will assist you in creating a Subscription form that works work with your MailChimp list. This widget is really easy to use, allowing to change the Subscription form layout, background color, width, add borders, shadows, and there are still many more exquisite options.
  • Portfolio widget displays Portfolio in the form of eye-catching layouts using the pre-designed presets and masonry, grid, justify and list layout types!
  • Parallax effect makes it easy to create a parallax effect for sections with multiple adjustable layers and attractively looking backgrounds!
  • Progress Bar widget is the top-notch tool that will assist in creating stylish animated progress bars, which are really easy to customize!
  • Inline SVG widget assists you in adding SVG graphics right to the page’s canvas effortlessly.
  • Vertical Timeline widget is the best option for creating attractive timelines for upcoming and ongoing events, projects and roadmaps.
  • Price List widget is the perfect tool for creating the lists of prices, that are invaluable when showcasing services. This widget provides opportunity to create stylish listings of the services and goods.
  • Weather widget allows displaying the weather forecasts, the current weather and its details.
  • Table widget allows building the table and place any content in the cells, rows and columns to add the schedule or the list to the pages.
  • Audio Player widget provides an easy way of embedding audio files, both from the media library as well as from URL to pages in an attractive form.
  • Dropbar widget allows adding a compact dropbar with any content you need.
  • Video Player widget provides an opportunity to embed a video played to the page to display a video using link to Vimeo, Youtube, or add the video from your media library.
  • Horizontal Timeline widget lets the visitors know about the events and projects showcased on your site.
  • Pie Chart widget displays varied statistical data in a form of circle diagrams divided into pieces.

JetBlog Plugin

JetBlog is a plugin that enriches the website’s content with multiple modules, that will suit not only for creating blog pages, but will also liven up your website with different dynamic modules, such as Smart Tiles, Text Tickers, Video Playlists, Smart Posts List.

With JetBlog one can add content modules on the page built with Elementor, and style up the content appearance to match the general webpage style. Using JetBlog you can customize the modules backgrounds, layouts, responsiveness, add borders and apply shadows, change typography, and there are still so many more options to discover for each of the content modules.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetBlog plugin here.
Widgets Overview
  • Text Ticker - enjoy delivering news in a classy and at the same time simple way! With Text Ticker content module you can create a constant animated feed of your publications!

  • Smart List - have you ever dreamed about creating different layouts of your publications, making your blog page’s content really virile? Smart List module is really cut for this, allowing to create multiple posts layouts in a blink of an eye!

  • Smart Tiles - attractively looking content tiles will definitely engage the visitor’s attention and become the essential part of your blog page with Smart Tiles module, which is devised to deliver your content it a stylish and eye-catching way!

  • Video Playlist - feel free to create gorgeous video content blocks with Video Playlist module and use its abundant style and content settings to showcase the video posts in the right way!

JetMenu Plugin

JetMenu is a plugin that assists you in creating and styling up mega menu. You’ll be able to create content for the menu items and customize items appearance, add menu badges and icons, change menu item background - all this with JetMenu plugin, which is easy-to-use and has intuitive and clear interface.

With JetMenu you can style menu items using different fonts and all colors of the world. There are multiple settings to set the menu item shadows, customization options for Active and Hover mode, etc.

The plugin works in tandem with Elementor live page builder, allowing to add content to menu items in a drag-and-drop way. The content and style settings share the same treats with Elementor and JetElements. You’ll also get Custom Menu module for Elementor, which allows you to add your menu to any page layout section you want.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetMenu plugin here.

JetTabs Plugin

JetTabs is a plugin that allows adding stylish tabs and accordion widgets with vertical and horizontal layouts and building content inside them using Elementor live page builder widgets.

The plugin makes it simple to create a template with Elementor and add it to the Accordion or Tabs widget. It helps organize content and style it up according to one’s needs and preferences.

While using JetTabs you’ll be astonished how easy You can create content and place it into well-structured tabs and accordion blocks, making Your web page look neat and classy at the same time.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetTabs plugin here.
Widgets Overview
  • Tabs - grasp the opportunity to create tabs and enrich them with all kinds of Elementor-built content using gorgeous Tabs widget, which makes it possible to organize content in a smart way and make it look way more stylish.

  • Classic Accordion - acordion blocks will become the milestones of your creative work if you’re into optimizing your webpage’s looks and want to create classy blocks with unfolding content created with Elementor.

  • Image Accordion - explore the opportunity to enrich accordion blocks with vivid imagery. The widget is specially cut for building creative and eye-catching content, making it possible to place all good things at once in one place.

JetReviews Plugin

JetReviews is a plugin that assists in creating reviews and adding them to the pages, built with Elementor live page builder. It can display both manually input reviews and the ones added via WordPress Dashboard.

The plugin has multiple content and style settings, allowing to make the Review blocks look spectacular.

Represent the rating values in the form of stars, rating bars and numbers in order to make the review more evident and eye-catching!

  • Review widget is just what one needs when thinking of adding eye-catching rating bars and review blocks, which display the percents, stars etc. This widget possesses every means to deliver your ideas and share your opinion on different matters just in few clicks.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetReviews plugin here.

JetWooBuilder Plugin

JetWooBuilder is a plugin that allows creating WooCommerce Single Product pages with Elementor live page builder functionality using multiple dynamic content widgets.

With JetWooBuilder it is easy to create the exact page structure one needs for the WooCommerce product page without ever touching a single line of code. The sections and columns can be built in seconds and filled up with content in a drag-n-drop way.

Use JetWooBuilder to create unique WooCommerce Single Product page templates and use them for the products represented on Your site.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetWooBuilder plugin here.
Widgets Overview

  • Single Add to Cart widget adds the Add to Cart button along with the number of pieces of product for purchasing. The button is needed when one has to add the product to cart.
  • Single Attributes widget is used to display the attributes which are added in the Product > Product Data in the Attributes block.
  • Single Content widget is used to display the content which is added in the Product content block. It has several style settings and allows displaying the already created content.
  • Single Excerpt widget is perfect for displaying the excerpt which is added in the Product Short Description field on the Product page.
  • Single Images widget makes it simple to add the product featured image to the product page and has stylization options available for setting up.
  • Single Meta widget embeds the SKU number, category and tag used for the product to the page, and allows changing the color, typography and alignment for this information.
  • Single Price widget makes it easy to embed the product price and sale price to the Single Product page. One can also customize the prices along with the currency signs.
  • Single Ratingwidget is invaluable when adding the product rating to the Single Product page and styling it up according to one’s vision.
  • Single Related Products widget makes it possible to display the related products list and style the colors and the typography for them. Note, that in the related products the widget displays the recently added products that have similar tags or categories.
  • Single Reviews Form widget allows displaying the reviews for the product along with the field for adding a new review. The Single Reviews Form widget is necessary when one wants the customers to be able to leave reviews.
  • Single Sale Badge widget makes it simple to add the Sale badge to the product’s page. Note, that one should set the Sale price in Products > Product Data Sale Price field to enable this functionality.
  • Single Sharing widget adds social icons for the product. Please, note that you need to install and activate the JetPack plugin for WordPress (it is completely free and available at and set the icons for the JetWooBuilder templates and Product pages. The icons can’t be styled.
  • Single Tabs widget provides the opportunity to place the reviews and product description into tabs, which can be opened on click. This widget allows to effectively use the space of the Single Product page.
  • Single Title widget allows adding the product title to the Single Product page. It adds the title set on the Product page in the Title field and provides stylization settings for it.
  • Single Upsells widget adds the products which may also be needed by the customer when he purchases the product shown on the Single Product page. The upsell products can be set in Linked Products Upsells field available in Products > Product Data block.

JetTricks Plugin

JetTricks is a plugin that allows adding different visual effects without ever needing to add a single line of code.

The plugin is made for those people who enjoy exquisite animation effects and are willing to add them to the website pages to liven up the website.

Use JetTricks to add Parallax to different widgets, create unfolding sections, sticky columns and View More buttons.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetTricks plugin here.
Functionality Overview

  • Parallax Element functionality enables you to add parallax effect for versatile widgets and change parallax speed, enable or disable parallax for different devices, etc.
  • Sticky Column is an additional functionality which makes it possible to make the columns "sticky" when one scrolls the section up and down.
  • Unfold widget is used to make the content added to the widget hidden or displayed in a beautiful way.
  • View More widget allows displayind sections and higing them under the cut stylishly, making the page's content more visually compact.
  • Hotspots widget adds hotspots to the images to mark the important details and comment anything shown on the image.

JetEngine Plugin

JetEngine is a plugin for Elementor, that provides functionality for creating templates for custom post types, taxonomies, and showcasing them in the form of layouts on Elementor-built pages. It also allows creating custom post types, custom taxonomies, as well as custom meta boxes for any kind of content.

With JetEngine it is possible to showcase services, team members, create portfolio layouts without any skills in PHP and CSS.

The plugin also adds 6 special widgets for pulling dynamic content from the posts and displaying it on the pages built with Elementor.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetEngine plugin here.

JetPopup Plugin

JetPopup is an addon for Elementor live page builder. It allows creating and adding popups to the pages built with Elementor.

With JetPopup you'll be able to create new popups using all widgets available for work when you ordinarily create content with Elementor live page builder.

You'll also have multiple options for adding popups to different widgets, buttons, or displaying them in different parts of the page and customizing popups appearance and location.

With JetPopup you can be sure that you can add any content you need to the popup, and place it where it will be immediately noticed. You'll also be able to make it appear just in time and set the preferable timing for the popup to appear.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetPopup plugin here.

JetSmartFilters Plugin

JetSmartFilters is a plugin that adds easy-to-use AJAX filters to the pages built with Elementor which contain the dynamic listings.

There are several types of filters:

  • Checkboxes list - this filter is made for displaying select options with the custom values of the properties of the products from which one is able to choose to filter the posts or products on the page.
  • Select - this filter perfectly suits for displaying checkboxes with the custom values of the properties of the products from which one is able to choose to filter the posts or products on the page.
  • Range - this filter provides an easy way for the visitors to select the range within which to look for the products or posts.
  • Check Range - use this filter to allow the visitors select the ranges by which the items will be filtered. It adds the checklist of ranges containing the specific range values between which the products or posts will be selected.
  • Date Range - this filter provides an easy way to filter the posts or products using the date they were added, or filter the events by the event date when it’s supposed to take place.
  • Radio - use this filter widget to display the radio filter allowing to select from the options represented for the visitor’s choice
  • Search - use this filter to allow the visitors to search for the matching results manually by inputting the needed words or phrases into the Search field.

Each filter can be applied to the products or posts listing in order to get the results the visitor needs the most.

JetSmartFilters plugin provides the 7 different widgets for applying filters. Every widget has extensive style and easy-to-use content settings.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetSmartFilters plugin here.

JetProductGallery Plugin

JetProductGallery is a plugin that helps represent WooCommerce Single Product templates in the most attractive and complete forms, using different modules, such as Gallery Anchor Navigation, Gallery Grid and Gallery Slider, etc.

With JetProductGallery plugin you can display WooCommerce products from all sides, organizing the images in a convenient gallery.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetProductGallery plugin here.

JetSearch Plugin

JetSearch plugin is a must-have ultra-fast tool, perfect for adding search functionality to any page built with Elementor.

It allows using the search functionality:

  • within the specific post type, including the custom post types, narrowing down the search results;
  • for the needed category only, which the visitor can select himself to make the search request more specific;
  • using the pagination and navigation for the results preview to let the visitors view the results with more ease;
  • by relevance, making the most important results show up first, and the less important below them.
You can find the detailed documentation on JetSearch plugin here.

JetCompareWishlist Plugin

JetCompareWishlist plugin is a useful tool for adding comparison and wishlist fucntionality to e-Commerce pages built with Elementor.

With JetCompareWishlist plugin you can create comparison lists and wishlists and enable visitors to add desired products into them, showcasing the selected products with this plugin in the most amazing way.

It allows using the comparison and wishlist functionality, and is perfect for:

  • showcasing comparison lists and wishlists with desired products easily and quickly;
  • adding Compare and Wishlist buttons to the products on default WooCommerce templates as well as to custom Single and Archive WooCommerce templates;
  • comparing and viewing products and their features in a suitable form as a comparison table and wishlist.
Widgets Overview

Compare Button widget provides products with the button, which allows adding products to the comparison list. Compare Button widget can be added to custom Single and Archive WooCommerce templates.

Compare Count Button widget displays the number of added products in the comparison list.

Compare widget provides an option to display the comparison list with added products on the page in the form of comparison table, where different features of the product can be presented.

Wishlist Button widget lets you add liked products to the wishlist and then view them in a convenient wishlist.

Wishlist Count Button widget shows how many products added in the wishlist.

Wishlist widget allows to display the wishlist with the products, which you liked and saved, on the page.

JetCompareWishlist plugin will help you compare the products by creating comparison lists and saved products. Manage the wishlists and products comparison functionality, and make sure your customers and visitors can view the liked products at any time and make the most beneficial purchase.

You can find the detailed documentation on JetCompareWishlist plugin here.